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NAFTA Conference Take Aways

  • March 3, 2017
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Kudos to UCSD’s Center for US-Mexico Studies for putting together a wonderful conference on Monday. Here are some interesting facts shared at the conference:
Denise Ducheny has suggested that a rebranding of NAFTA might help : “North American Co-Production Agreement”Russel Jones, Chairman of the Border Trade Alliance:

25% of the 20 million trade jobs in the US are related to Mexico
Half of the states in the US list Mexico as their number one trading partner- (Canada is second)
The other half lists Canada as their number one trading partner – (Mexico is second)

Below is a link from “Comercio Exterior” magazine with several interesting US-Mexico trade related articles

“Every 100 new hires in Mexico from US companies, generates 300 new jobs in the US” – Lindsay Oldenski – (see her full report in the Comercio Exterior link)


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