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Nationwide Pilot for New Cargo Clearance/Inspections Program to begin in Tijuana

  • March 1, 2017
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The Mexican agency, SAT, has announced that Tijuana will be the nationwide pilot for the PITA program, a cargo, vehicle and video surveillance program that will replace all other SAT systems including SIAVE. The new system is expected to dramatically speed up cargo processing times and will include non-manned booths that are geared up with RFID technology and paperless systems at the Mexican import facility at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry. SIAVE is the system currently being used to “inspect” southbound vehicles. SAT is also launching DODA-QR, which will be mandatory in May of this year and will serve as temporary program, while PITA is transitioned in. DODA-QR is a one-paper system where multiple “pedimentos” can be included through a QR code. A detailed presentation will be available in the next few weeks.



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