• 1

      MEXPORT hereby grants to the Exhibitor the exclusive right and privilege to use a 10X10 booth for the period and place shown above.

    • 2

      Exhibitor shall exercise the rights and privileges granted herein at Exhibitor’s own risk and irrespective of any negligence of MEXPORT or any other party. Exhibitors shall indemnify and perpetually hold harmless MEXPORT, its officers, agents, and employees, for any and all liability of every type and nature, for damages, cost, losses, and expenses resulting from and arising out of, or in any way connected with the occupation or use of said space or the exercise of any privilege herein granted to Exhibitor, or the failure on the part of the exhibitor to fully and completely perform any of the covenants contained herein.

    • 3

      Exhibitors MUST NOT block neighboring exhibitors. Any sign or display exceeding 4 ft in height must be set back at least 3ft from the isle, unless they are corner booths.

    • 4

      Set-up time is from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 10 (the day prior to show) and from 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, Apr 11, 2019. All exhibits must be completely set-up by 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 11, 2019. All exhibits must remain intact until 4:30 P.M. All materials must be removed by 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, Apr 11, 2019. Failure to remove materials will result in storage fees.

    • 5

      Any promotional activity by an individual Exhibitor MUST be confined visually and audibly to the display area for which that Exhibitor has contracted. The distribution of souvenirs, brochures, etc., must be confined to the area for which the Exhibitor has contracted. No exceptions.

    • 6

      All items within the booth must comply with the City of San Diego’s Trade Show Regulations’ code:

      a. Materials within the booth are required to be Flame Resistant:

      i. All decorations, drapes, signs, banners, acoustical materials, straw, moss, split bamboo, plastic cloth and similar decorative materials shall be flame resistant to the satisfaction of the Fire Marshal. This may require a field flame test to verify a satisfactory flame-retardant treatment. Field Flame Test: Materials shall not ignite and allow flame to spread over the surface when exposed to an open match flame. When a flame is held to the material for twelve seconds and continues to burn when the flame is removed, it is not flame-retardant. Some fabric and other materials are manufactured as flame resistant and will be labeled as such.

      ii. Table coverings must be flame-retardant treated unless they lie flat with an overhang of no greater than six inches.

      iii. Combustible materials which are 3/8 inch or more in thickness, glass or asbestos cloth may be used without flame-retardant treatment.

      iv. Certain materials cannot be made flame resistant and their use is therefore prohibited. These include oilcloth, tar paper, sisal paper, nylon, orlon and some other plastic materials.

      b. Other Combustible Materials

      i. Combustible materials shall be limited to a one day supply and shall be maintained in an orderly fashion.

      ii. Combustible materials (i.e. crates and boxes) shall be stored outside the building in an approved area or in a storeroom having a fire resistance rating of at least two hours which is protected by an automatic fire extinguishing system.

    • 7

      Electrical Wiring

      a. All electrical wiring shall:

      i. Be heavy duty SJ or better;

      ii. Be a minimum of 16 gauge – 3 wire;

      iii. Carry no more than 1200 watts maximum load on any cord; and

      iv. Not be spliced.

      b. Power taps must be listed and provided with over current protection. Cube adaptors and other devices which increase outlets must meet the same requirements as power taps

    • 8

      Flammable/Hazardous Materials

      a. Materials prohibited inside a building include:

      i. Compressed flammable gases (i.e. acetylene, hydrogen, propane, butane, etc.);

      ii. Flammable/combustible liquids (i.e. gasoline, kerosene, cleaning solvents and other petroleum based materials; and any other product labeled “flammable”). Any exceptions must be approved by the Fire Marshal.

      iii. Hazardous chemicals (i.e. pool chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, “poison,” etc.), although it is permissible to have empty product containers for display purposes; and

      iv. Explosives and blasting agents.

      b. Nonflammable gases which are allowed inside the building must be secured in an upright position.

      c. Ammunition may be allowed under certain conditions. The stipulations shall be written for each trade show and/or exhibition.


      I, the Exhibitor, have read and fully understand this exhibit space agreement.



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