• In order to create a lasting impression and make the most out of your trade show performance. We have gathered a number of useful tips from respected sources that will help you through your trade show experience. Whether you are a pro or a beginner at trade show exhibiting these helpful exhibiting hints won’t hurt a bit.

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    BE CREATIVE. Creativity makes you stand out from the rest, making your exhibit more enticing to visit. Avoid last minute arrangements, such as handwritten signage or decorations. MAKE IT FUN, raffle an expensive item like a Palm Pilot or have the classic and inexpensive putting contest, this will create much needed traffic for your booth, remember to always ask for a business card.

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    HAVE A PLAN.  It’s important for you as an exhibitor to develop a PRE, AT and POST show strategy. Your PRE show strategy can consist of selecting the booth staff, marketing and promotional materials and establishing a budget. Your AT show strategy will consist of working your booth and handling prospects and your POST show strategy, considered to be the most important, is your lead follow up strategy (tip #11).

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    SEND THE BEST. Avoid sending student interns or new employees that are not familiarized about company products or policies to stand in the booth. You want high energy! Send your best sales people and decision makers. Buyers don’t like having to talk to two or three people or wait a couple of days before someone follows up with them with a proper quote or product information.

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    HAVE ONLY THE NECCESARY STAFF. People, even potential buyers do not like the idea of having four or five salespeople “attacking them” with questions or trying to con vince him to place an order. Limit your booth staff to two or three people at the most, the rest of the staff can take turns to walk and talk to other customers or exhibitors.

  • 5

    ALWAYS HAVE CLEVER GIVEAWAYS OR SNACKS. This way you create a welcoming environment for passers by, also try to have what everyone wants to have.

  • 6

    CREATE AN OPEN AND WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT. Using tables and other devices to create a barrier between you and them are not a good idea, instead try opening your booth to traffic, studies show that an “open booth” increases traffic by 25% Give people room to move around your booth and look at your products or materials.

  • 7

    PROJECT A FRIENDLY IMAGE. Make eye contact with the person you are talking with, build friendly rapport before trying to sell him your product. Sitting in your booth with your arms crossed or talking on the phone is just a waste of your exhibit dollars; people will just not approach you.

  • 8

    STAY UNTIL THE END. Trade Show studies show that 68% of exhibitors meet a “hot” prospect during the last 30 minutes of the show. Also 93% of attendees visiting a trade show during the last half hour say they were not able to meet the salespeople from one or more booths they visited.

  • 9

    PROMOTE YOUR PARTICIPATION. Let your customers, colleagues and suppliers know you will be participating in MEXPORT, send them a letter along with VIP tickets (provided by MEXPORT) inviting them to visit your booth. Additional VIP tickets are also available through the MEXPORT Coordinator.

  • 10

    CHECK THE EXHIBITOR SERVICES SECTION IN WWW.MEXPORT.ORG. There you will find important information such as move in-out schedules, courtesy tickets for your clients and colleagues, directions, parking information, exhibitor services,show agenda, additional equipment or furniture rental and more.

  • 11

    CHECK THE EXHIBITOR SERVICES SECTION IN WWW.MEXPORT.ORG. HAVE A LEAD FOLLOW UP STRATEGY. Your purpose for attending a Trade Show is to obtain business leads. Trade Show studies show that 80% of leads obtained in a trade show are not followed up properly. Remember you are not done with your trade show until you follow up with your business leads. Try to contact your prospects within 10 days of the show, otherwise they will not remember you or not take you seriously, have some one in your office prepare information packets while you are at the show, so you will not lose valuable time preparing them.


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